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The “So What” of Easter

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

In Matthew 28 the angel of the Lord told the women to, “come, see the place where the Lord lay.”

This past Sunday, lots of people did the “come and see.” People gathered in their cars and attended drive up church services. Others gathered on church websites or social media platforms. People all around the world listened to messages about the miracle of the resurrection, and just like the two Marys, lots of people went away rejoicing!

All of that is great! However, the angel of the Lord also instructed the two Marys to, “go and tell.” And to do it quickly! (Matthew 28:7)

The angel of the Lord instructed those ladies to go and tell that “Jesus is risen from the dead!” (Matthew 28:7)

This is the “So What” of Easter. This is the immediate implication of the resurrection that was given to these two women. The eternal implications of the resurrection is that death has been conquered, and everlasting life is being offered. But, the immediate responsibility, the what do I do now that I know Christ is risen ... you “go and tell.”

Frankly, our Easter celebration means very little to us if it stops at the “come and see.”

Don’t forget that the famous, great commission verses are at the end of Matthew 28. The larger context of those familiar verses is now that you have seen the risen Savior, “Go ye therefore...” (Matthew 28:19)

Go and get involved in the ministry of reconciliation. Go do the work of an evangelist.

“Go and tell,” that Jesus is risen from the dead.

Remember, disciple of Christ, you don’t have to go alone. Jesus said, “I am with you always even unto the end of world.” (Matthew 28:20)

I understand that because of this pandemic, we are limited with social interaction, but I also understand that because of technology, there are more ways to communicate than ever.

So, Christian person, pray for creative ways by which you can “go and tell” that Christ is risen, or use some traditional ways, like the post office. Take time to explain that Jesus offers eternal life in heaven, so sinners can avoid eternal death in hell.

The “So What” of Easter is “go & tell” and do it quickly.

So, who are you going to tell?


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